Artistic Director

Carole Poysti is the Artistic Director and founder of And Beyond Theatre Company, now based in Beulah, Colorado.

Beulah Me admiring the view She holds a BA in theatre from Purdue University with a minor in psychology, and an MFA from the National Theatre Conservatory. She has performed in leading roles and/or directed plays by Shakespeare, G. B. Shaw, Williams, O’Neill, Miller, Vaclav Havel, and Chekhov, in theatres across the country.

Her love for the written and spoken word, coupled with a compassion for the wounded soul, led her to begin writing plays and performance art pieces that would bring God’s healing from works she creates for the stage and beyond (hence the name of the company.) She has been employed by churches as a dramatist and performance artist, and has toured as a free-lance speaker in the US, England and Vienna. Her modern passion play, Love Lies Bleeding, is an original musical that includes poetry by the beloved late Pope John Paul II and builds a bridge of understanding between Christians and Jews. It has been produced in California, Idaho, London, and at the Lamb’s Theatre in NYC.

At tea Much Madness

Carole develops workshops and performance art pieces addressing social/spiritual crises and has participated in the National Association of Drama Therapists conferences. Currently she performs The Belle of Amherst, a one-woman full-length play by William Luce, based on the poetry and letters of Emily Dickinson.

E-mail us if you’d like to book a production of this deeply moving piece.