The Latest: Think. Act.

Greetings All!

The word of the season is CONTEMPLATION. And yet, somehow the manifestation has been more ACTION oriented. But that seems right.

Carole has been crying over dead baby birds all summer, lamenting the grasshopper infestation destroying her garden, reciting poetry, reading poetry, writing poetry, praying poetry, and participating in the art community of Beulah in new and unexpected ways. (See Speed of Light above for the beginning of the film series on Beulah Artists.) In fact, she has been participating in Beulah activities in general in new and unexpected ways! Someday, we’ll bring a play to the Songbird. I think Emily would like it there.



Click on the link below to see scenes from recent performances of “The Belle of Amherst” and let’s book a performance for your organization this year.

Belle Promo


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